Happy Mothers Day!

We spent the majority of the afternoon at my in-laws with family 🙂 I brought over and made this YUMMYquinoa salad. Will be making this for sure again! I need to start buying quinoa in bulk online, it’s a lot cheaper. Taylor and I seem to go through so much so quick!


I added kale to this, the recipe didn’t call for it. I sautĂ© my kale in a bit of olive oil and sea salt.

After the in-laws we got to the gym an hour before they closed. Taylor and I did heavier weights because we both wanted to do arms and I wanted to follow his workout so we both had spotters. He definitely pushed me and I did heavier weights than I thought I could (with a little bit of extra help) 😉 He had us do a weight where you could only do 10 reps, then a weight where you could only do 8 reps, and lastly a weight where you could only do 6 reps. After arms we only had 10 minutes left until closing so I did 5 minutes of the row machine, and 5 minutes of the elliptical going as hard as I could at level 14.

Off to make a turkey meat loaf for dinner and have a relaxing evening with hubby!


good morning!

I woke up pretty sore from yesterday’s workout…

Which IS SUPER GREAT! I’ve had the hardest time lately becoming sore and I feel like I haven’t really built any muscle. I’ve been in a major plateau for the past three weeks. Time to amp it up and that workout did just that!

This morning after my coffee I did this yoga routine to help stretch my sore muscles and get the day going. Yoga is something I definitely want to start doing regularly. I don’t like stretching, but I do like yoga. Does that even make sense?! This video was great because I’m definitely a beginner and not flexible at all!

I after my short yoga routine I made these scrambled eggs (1 whole egg, two egg whites) with kale, green pepper, tomato, celery and swiss cheese. It was supposed to be a omelet but turned into scrambled eggs haha! My egg flipping skills are a negative! I always chop the veggies and microwave them for two minutes before adding them to the eggs or omelet.


It’s a rainy wet day today, so Taylor and I are venturing out this afternoon to eat Indian food for lunch. Indian is my favorite ethnic food! I love all the curry, chicken and veggies. Yum! Then we’re going to downtown Mobile to this cozy little coffee shop we’ve never been to before 🙂

new fave food!

Wednesdays are my half days at work, so naturally I love Wednesday! It’s usually when I plan something with a little more effort for dinner, get errands run, and actually get to run ha. The full heat of summer is coming closer and it makes running  conditions hard. 90 something degrees with 80% humidity is like death.. even when you’re not running! It was pretty hot today, so I wanted to make my run different and new to keep my mind off the heat 🙂 Behind the gym are baseball fields, a dog park and a frisbee golf course which isn’t that big but it has tons of different terrain to run on. Pavement, grass, dirt, gravel etc. Not only that but there are some good hills! Cause we all love hills! Just kidding. So, I decided to park at the gym and get my run in before going inside to do arms. It was fun, I like new runs! I did run a lot of the same loops and the same grass hill about 5 times, but the repeats were fine because the run was a challenge.


After my run and gym time I came home to make dinner. Tonight’s menu was brown rice mixed with a ground turkey, sautĂ©ed onion, garlic and green pepper mixture (cooked all together with sea salt and olive oil) with oven roasted okra and zucchini. YUUM. I think I have a new favorite food. OVEN ROASTED OKRA! I tossed the okra and zucchini in olive oil and sea salt, baked at 425 for 15 minutes turning over the veggies 1/2 way through. Taylor’s been eating a lot of my vegan and vegetarian meals lately so I had to make something for dinner with meat! The oven roasted okra would make a good snack even!


 On another note.. can anyone recommend a good protein powder?! I use Bluebonnet…


It’s fine.. but it’s really sweet, it’s sweetened with stevia. I don’t like the aftertaste of the sweetness.. but I can live with it if theres no better protein powder that’s all natural. So, does any one use an all natural protein that’s yummy? I get this at the health food store so it’s pretty pricey.. also if anyone also knows maybe a store/website that sells the same powders cheaper that would be great too!

interval spinning!

Taylor and I joined a new gym a few weeks ago. I haven’t been a member to a gym and seriously gone in about 2 years! I’ve been doing all my working out at home, running and utilizing things outside like stairs for my workouts. Surprisingly I’m stronger now than I was before when I religiously went to the gym! Anyways, I haven’t span in a few years but I remember when I did take spinning class it helped with my running a lot. The new gym offers spinning so of course I went to the first class I was able to go to! I love it a lot more than the other class I took and the instructor is awesome, she’s so sweet and personable. I’ve been to 3 clases at the new gym so far. The first two were endurance which are honestly not that hard (I like hard). She does classes by heart rate and in endurance I’m not suppose to get my heard rate over 152ish.. which is light work. Tonight we did interval! I’m not going to lie.. interval kicked by bee-hind! Every time she would say “turn it up” (talking about the level) I was thinking “no, she meant down! Did she say down? I must have misunderstood her!”. It was that hard. My legs are already feeling sore and it’s only 2 hours after class. I loved it though because I really do like hard painful workouts.


Backtrack to the morning! I made some overnight oats. This is probably my favorite way to have oatmeal. I used vanilla yogurt, banana and walnuts w/ a side of whole wheat toast, some earth balance spread and a hard boiled egg. I’m all about egg yolks (so many vitamins.. why wouldn’t you eat them?!) and eat them all the time unless they’re hard boiled. Am I the only one who thinks hard boiled egg yolks are just plain weird?


I pretty much felt like superwoman this morning and even made dinner before work! I knew after spin class and getting home close to 7pm I would be starving and not wanting to cook. My quick go to meal is 100% whole wheat pasta, some sauce, parm and edamame (which I added at dinner time).


Taylor and I also went by our house we’re building this evening. Things are moving so quick on it! He’s standing in the “kitchen” 😉


Now it’s time to wind down, read some of God’s word and get some sleep 🙂

cinco de mayo!

Maybe I’m the only person who has a favorite coffee cup who actually washes it by hand most days so they can use it for coffee almost every morning. I can’t help it sometimes, I love my special 39 cent coffee cup I found at Goodwill that was made in England!


I started my morning off with a yummy Banana Strawberry Kale smoothie that I drank while getting ready because for some reason I always find myself running tight on Sunday mornings.



-5 frozen strawberries

-1 banana

-small handful of kale

– 3 tbsp of vanilla yogurt

– 1 cup of almond milk

After church we went to Allegri. We buy of our weeks supply of fruit, veg and eggs here every Sunday. We’ve been doing this for about the past two months, I can’t believe not any sooner! It’s SO much more fresh and CHEAP!! I love it!! I got some okra for the first time, I’ve never cooked it before but I thought it may taste good if I roast it in the oven later this week in some olive oil and sea salt. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Lunch was some left over seared rare ahi tuna from Ruth’s Chris and some quinoa with kale. Delish!


I was NOT in the mood to work out today, at all. I sucked it up anyways and went to the gym with Taylor to do arm burn outs on the machines. I always try to remember that I feel better and more energized if I go, plus I took the rest day yesterday 🙂 It was Taylor’s idea for me to do burn outs. You basically just pick the highest weight where you can only do 1 rep. After the 1 rep you decrease the weights to the next lowest level and do 2 reps, then lower it again and do 3 reps. You keep lowering the weight until you get to the lowest weight at 10 reps. 10 different weight settings, 1 and highest and 10 at the lowest weight. Hmm.. that probably made NO sense. It works though and I really feel the burn vs. regular lifting. After I went on a 3 mile run and did 5 hill sprints.

It’s Cinco De Mayo! Whoo! Perfect reason to have this yummy taco soup found here 8 can taco soup. I made some brown rice on the side to mix it and topped w/ greek yogurt.. added after the picture ha. Wonderful end to this weekend 🙂



I woke up with a sore knee (not oh so surprised, it’s just about never ending). So I made the emotionally painful yet smart decision to skip out on the gym today (boo) due to a hilly training run planned for tomorrow. I need my knee in top shape for that… well at least better than the shape it’s in today. Ice and foam roller, you’re calling my name. Taylor and I decided to spend the morning hunting for treasure at yard sales and Goodwill but didn’t have much luck. We did stop by Publix on the way home to stock back up on kale and Ezekiel wraps.. which is when this amazing lunch happened. Hubby wasn’t a huge fan, but it was amazing… I PROMISE! His words were “this is the perfect meal for you , but I need the meat”. He did eat the whole thing though.. I think he secretly liked it.

Chickpea Salad Wrap



-1 can of chickpeas

-3 tbsp of canned pumpkin

-1tsp of nutritional yeast

-1tbsp of mustard

-1tbsp of light mayo

-splash of almond milk

-3 stalks of celery chopped

– Ezekiel wraps

-Fresh spinach

I mixed the chickpeas, pumpkin, nutritional yeast, mustard, mayo and almond milk in the food processor. Then I chopped the celery and mixed it into the chickpea mixture and  spread it on an Ezekiel wrap and topped with spinach. Such a wonderful light summery lunch!