cinco de mayo!

Maybe I’m the only person who has a favorite coffee cup who actually washes it by hand most days so they can use it for coffee almost every morning. I can’t help it sometimes, I love my special 39 cent coffee cup I found at Goodwill that was made in England!


I started my morning off with a yummy Banana Strawberry Kale smoothie that I drank while getting ready because for some reason I always find myself running tight on Sunday mornings.



-5 frozen strawberries

-1 banana

-small handful of kale

– 3 tbsp of vanilla yogurt

– 1 cup of almond milk

After church we went to Allegri. We buy of our weeks supply of fruit, veg and eggs here every Sunday. We’ve been doing this for about the past two months, I can’t believe not any sooner! It’s SO much more fresh and CHEAP!! I love it!! I got some okra for the first time, I’ve never cooked it before but I thought it may taste good if I roast it in the oven later this week in some olive oil and sea salt. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Lunch was some left over seared rare ahi tuna from Ruth’s Chris and some quinoa with kale. Delish!


I was NOT in the mood to work out today, at all. I sucked it up anyways and went to the gym with Taylor to do arm burn outs on the machines. I always try to remember that I feel better and more energized if I go, plus I took the rest day yesterday 🙂 It was Taylor’s idea for me to do burn outs. You basically just pick the highest weight where you can only do 1 rep. After the 1 rep you decrease the weights to the next lowest level and do 2 reps, then lower it again and do 3 reps. You keep lowering the weight until you get to the lowest weight at 10 reps. 10 different weight settings, 1 and highest and 10 at the lowest weight. Hmm.. that probably made NO sense. It works though and I really feel the burn vs. regular lifting. After I went on a 3 mile run and did 5 hill sprints.

It’s Cinco De Mayo! Whoo! Perfect reason to have this yummy taco soup found here 8 can taco soup. I made some brown rice on the side to mix it and topped w/ greek yogurt.. added after the picture ha. Wonderful end to this weekend 🙂



5 thoughts on “cinco de mayo!

  1. I can’t wait for farmer’s market to start up in my area. Fresh produce totally beats store-bought any day!

    That’s too cool that you got your mug in England. Goodwill AND International? Too pluses in my book 🙂

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