interval spinning!

Taylor and I joined a new gym a few weeks ago. I haven’t been a member to a gym and seriously gone in about 2 years! I’ve been doing all my working out at home, running and utilizing things outside like stairs for my workouts. Surprisingly I’m stronger now than I was before when I religiously went to the gym! Anyways, I haven’t span in a few years but I remember when I did take spinning class it helped with my running a lot. The new gym offers spinning so of course I went to the first class I was able to go to! I love it a lot more than the other class I took and the instructor is awesome, she’s so sweet and personable. I’ve been to 3 clases at the new gym so far. The first two were endurance which are honestly not that hard (I like hard). She does classes by heart rate and in endurance I’m not suppose to get my heard rate over 152ish.. which is light work. Tonight we did interval! I’m not going to lie.. interval kicked by bee-hind! Every time she would say “turn it up” (talking about the level) I was thinking “no, she meant down! Did she say down? I must have misunderstood her!”. It was that hard. My legs are already feeling sore and it’s only 2 hours after class. I loved it though because I really do like hard painful workouts.


Backtrack to the morning! I made some overnight oats. This is probably my favorite way to have oatmeal. I used vanilla yogurt, banana and walnuts w/ a side of whole wheat toast, some earth balance spread and a hard boiled egg. I’m all about egg yolks (so many vitamins.. why wouldn’t you eat them?!) and eat them all the time unless they’re hard boiled. Am I the only one who thinks hard boiled egg yolks are just plain weird?


I pretty much felt like superwoman this morning and even made dinner before work! I knew after spin class and getting home close to 7pm I would be starving and not wanting to cook. My quick go to meal is 100% whole wheat pasta, some sauce, parm and edamame (which I added at dinner time).


Taylor and I also went by our house we’re building this evening. Things are moving so quick on it! He’s standing in the “kitchen” 😉


Now it’s time to wind down, read some of God’s word and get some sleep 🙂


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