new fave food!

Wednesdays are my half days at work, so naturally I love Wednesday! It’s usually when I plan something with a little more effort for dinner, get errands run, and actually get to run ha. The full heat of summer is coming closer and it makes running  conditions hard. 90 something degrees with 80% humidity is like death.. even when you’re not running! It was pretty hot today, so I wanted to make my run different and new to keep my mind off the heat 🙂 Behind the gym are baseball fields, a dog park and a frisbee golf course which isn’t that big but it has tons of different terrain to run on. Pavement, grass, dirt, gravel etc. Not only that but there are some good hills! Cause we all love hills! Just kidding. So, I decided to park at the gym and get my run in before going inside to do arms. It was fun, I like new runs! I did run a lot of the same loops and the same grass hill about 5 times, but the repeats were fine because the run was a challenge.


After my run and gym time I came home to make dinner. Tonight’s menu was brown rice mixed with a ground turkey, sautéed onion, garlic and green pepper mixture (cooked all together with sea salt and olive oil) with oven roasted okra and zucchini. YUUM. I think I have a new favorite food. OVEN ROASTED OKRA! I tossed the okra and zucchini in olive oil and sea salt, baked at 425 for 15 minutes turning over the veggies 1/2 way through. Taylor’s been eating a lot of my vegan and vegetarian meals lately so I had to make something for dinner with meat! The oven roasted okra would make a good snack even!


 On another note.. can anyone recommend a good protein powder?! I use Bluebonnet…


It’s fine.. but it’s really sweet, it’s sweetened with stevia. I don’t like the aftertaste of the sweetness.. but I can live with it if theres no better protein powder that’s all natural. So, does any one use an all natural protein that’s yummy? I get this at the health food store so it’s pretty pricey.. also if anyone also knows maybe a store/website that sells the same powders cheaper that would be great too!


2 thoughts on “new fave food!

  1. Haha hills are the bane of my existence ;). Your dinner looks so good by the way! I’m an adventurous eater, but have never tried okra for some reason. Did you put any specific flavoring on it or was it a salt and pepper classic :)?

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