good morning!

I woke up pretty sore from yesterday’s workout…

Which IS SUPER GREAT! I’ve had the hardest time lately becoming sore and I feel like I haven’t really built any muscle. I’ve been in a major plateau for the past three weeks. Time to amp it up and that workout did just that!

This morning after my coffee I did this yoga routine to help stretch my sore muscles and get the day going. Yoga is something I definitely want to start doing regularly. I don’t like stretching, but I do like yoga. Does that even make sense?! This video was great because I’m definitely a beginner and not flexible at all!

I after my short yoga routine I made these scrambled eggs (1 whole egg, two egg whites) with kale, green pepper, tomato, celery and swiss cheese. It was supposed to be a omelet but turned into scrambled eggs haha! My egg flipping skills are a negative! I always chop the veggies and microwave them for two minutes before adding them to the eggs or omelet.


It’s a rainy wet day today, so Taylor and I are venturing out this afternoon to eat Indian food for lunch. Indian is my favorite ethnic food! I love all the curry, chicken and veggies. Yum! Then we’re going to downtown Mobile to this cozy little coffee shop we’ve never been to before 🙂


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