Happy Mothers Day!

We spent the majority of the afternoon at my in-laws with family 🙂 I brought over and made this YUMMYquinoa salad. Will be making this for sure again! I need to start buying quinoa in bulk online, it’s a lot cheaper. Taylor and I seem to go through so much so quick!


I added kale to this, the recipe didn’t call for it. I sauté my kale in a bit of olive oil and sea salt.

After the in-laws we got to the gym an hour before they closed. Taylor and I did heavier weights because we both wanted to do arms and I wanted to follow his workout so we both had spotters. He definitely pushed me and I did heavier weights than I thought I could (with a little bit of extra help) 😉 He had us do a weight where you could only do 10 reps, then a weight where you could only do 8 reps, and lastly a weight where you could only do 6 reps. After arms we only had 10 minutes left until closing so I did 5 minutes of the row machine, and 5 minutes of the elliptical going as hard as I could at level 14.

Off to make a turkey meat loaf for dinner and have a relaxing evening with hubby!